Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Small Changes

My main goal when I started this blog was to improve my English writing skills. I wasn't sure what I was going to write here (probably something about programming and technology). I'm working as software designer, but most of my current work (C#/WF/WPF corporate stuff) doesn't excite me, at least not enough to write about it in my free time.

I was developing on Android platform since 2010, mainly for fun and personal use (I'm Android user since version 1.6). But since beginning of 2012 I started doing some more professional Android programming. This kind of software development is completely different that stuff I've been doing in my coding career. It's very engaging and I enjoy working with mobile environment and it's constraints.

So I'm planing to write here about Android operating system and development for this platform. I'll try to focus on technical aspects of mobile development, but I'll certainly mix it up with some broader/more "philosophical" blogposts. I'm also very interested in other mobile platforms (iOS and maybe Windows Phone, I don't think there are any other interesting players left on the field). I hope someone will find my writing interesting and useful.

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